Alexander Valley Elementary | Enrichment
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Each grade has an hour of weekly art instruction from Barbara Adams and music instruction from Deborah Frank. Kindergarten-6th grade have General Music focusing on traditional songs, musical culture, and instruments from around the world..  Grade 3 students are introduced to recorders, and later in the school year, Grades 4-6 will have the opportunity to learn and play the Ukulele.

In past years,  the San Francisco Opera Outreach Program has visited AVS and students have had the opportunity to perform in a small scale opera production at our school, and also to attend a field trip to the San Francisco Opera.

AVS Wednesday Afternoon Program

Primary grades [Students in grades 1st through 3rd ] receive additional enrichment learning opportunities each trimester.  These rich course offerings include Drama, ToolBox; Social Emotional Teachings/Learnings, and Writers Workshop.  Our grades 4-6 students will also receive three enrichment classes on a rotational basis. Their course offerings include Hands-on Science in our science lab, Writers Workshop, and Music.


We continue to experience tremendous growth in technology for both students and staff at AVS. We have a robust digital infrastructure with both wired and wireless networks. Our internet bandwidth is segmented into student, staff, and visitor networks. We have chromebooks or iPads for every student at AVS. Each student has a personal Google account allowing them the free-flow of information between student and teacher. Our network features internal limitations that protect our kids from the uncertainties and dangers of unrestricted access to the world wide web.

Teachers work directly with students on teaching age appropriate computer skills with student. The internet is available in all of the classrooms. Use of the internet is contingent upon parents and students signing a contract specifying terms and conditions.

The school is part of the Sonoma County Office of Education Telecommunications Consortium. Among the benefits provided by this consortium are greater security for students, access to additional educational resources, and technological support.


At AVS, students in grade K-6 receive Science instruction from their classrooms teacher and through our Science Lab Teacher.  All students are provided with “Hands-On-Science” Instruction in our Science Lab every week.  Students are engaging in Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) through discovery, observation, and creation.  Through our “Hands-On-Science” program, students are able to apply the teachings they have learned throughout the week into experimental lessons in the Science Lab.

AVS Science Garden

The Alexander Valley School Garden Program serves its student population through weekly one-hour classes taught by a credentialed teacher. The students learn about all aspects of growing an organic garden from seed to plate. The academic program delivers common core aligned content in social studies, nutrition, and sciences over the course of the school year with outdoor, project based learning.

Sonrises Spanish Program

At AVS, All students are provided 1.5 hours of Spanish Instruction per week.  Our Sonrisas curriculum focuses on vocabulary acquisition and practical conversation rather than formal grammar. With the songs, visual aids, and games, students acquire new Spanish vocabulary. In addition to these words, cognate words are used throughout the program, giving students an additional set of Spanish vocabulary very similar to words they already know in English. As the grade levels of learning increase, once students have mastered the vocabulary and phrases, they are already able to use them with meaning and purpose to become confident, successful Spanish speakers!
  Our method incorporates several different learning theories including Multiple Intelligences, Multisensory Approach, Whole Brain Learning, and the Power of Positive Suggestion.